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The Snapdragon Seeds fundraising program can take place at any location.  I work with  staff through the process of planning the event, inviting donors, asking for increases in giving levels and performing the songs.

Music and philanthropy is a growing trend: The Minnesota Beatles Project released 5 CD’s of Beatles cover songs.  The project provided music programs in school for 20,000 students Minnesota Public Radio has used collaborative songwriting sessions to engage the community, giving listeners and donors unique engagement experiences Music for Good has encouraged over 100,000 musicians to give a portion of music sales to support non-profit organizations Non-profit organizations are exploring and embracing creative fundraising techniques to increase revenue 


Option 1. Cover songs.  Songs are grouped into giving levels and people can donate to request songs.  We can play everything from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Everly Brothers, to the 80's, 90's and current hits. We can work with you to write a setlist that will connect with your donors and giving levels that will fit their budgets.


Option 2.  Original Songs.  The tools of Songwriting ABC can be customized to encourage people to write songs about the non-profit and its mission.  Those songs can be recorded and posted for sale online or performed live at an event.  I grant a universal copyright license so these songs can earn your organization revenue for many years.


Option 2+.  Product Development.  This is a 12 week program that is an add on to a Songwriting ABC Session.  The program can be designed to pay for itself and provide your donors with a unique and memorable experience, bringing them closer to your organization.


By participating, people pledge their financial support to fulfill your mission.  We can tailor the program, the giving levels and fundraising goals to suit your organization's size and needs.

 This program has been performed at St. Paul Libraries, Walker Art Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota Association of Music Teachers and this spring and summer will be performed as part of St. Paul Public Schools Community Education. 


Please contact me to hear about the different packages available.


Steve Sanders

Owner/Lead Songwriter