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Songwriting ABC - Always Be Creative

Hire me to write a song!

My creativity runs deep and I have the ability to write songs very easily.  This skill could assist you in your organization's messaging needs.

​For 20 years I have been working in communications with corporations and non-profit organizations and have learned to convey complex and vital information in a simple and creative way.

I will work with you and your staff to convey a specific message in a fun and creative way. Here is an example:

I wrote this song, Wash 'Em Proud for
Children's Hospitals of MN to raise awareness
​of the importance of hand washing.

Please contact me to discuss songwriting packages.  I can customize and deliver a song to you that fits your needs and budget.  It could be a simple song with one verse, one chorus and just guitar and vocals, or a full arrangement with horns, strings, chorus vocals - whatever you need I can deliver.

I also offer Songwriting ABC as a classroom literacy tool:

Have you ever wanted to write a song?  
Songwriting ABC uses a simple process and simple tools. 
When learning how to juggle, you start with bean bags not bowling balls.

As a little boy I remember being fascinated with music and at an early age I attempted to write poetry.  Since those early beginnings I have written over 100 songs and have been performing my original music for more than 20 years.  In 2010, my band i with us won a songwriting contest for our song, Rewrite.

To share this creative process I have developed an interactive songwriting class called Songwriting ABC.  This program allows children and their families to experience the songwriting process in a unique and creative way.

Songs and activities are designed to have students use their senses to observe the world around them and use creative thinking to structure the song..  Formulas are used to show how a song is structured and the students are taught that the formulas can be rearranged to have a different outcome.

Try the online form!  It is free and only takes a few minutes...

unless you are really inspired by the songwriting process, then it will last as far as your imagination stretches.  Fill in the blanks, hit submit and let me know what you think.  Click the links to access the forms:

Songwriting ABC - Full
Songwriting ABC - Nouns


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